August 15th, 2014


moving slowly

this whole moving limbo thing is gonna go on all the way till september 2, when i officially hand back my old flat. so far i'm relatively satisfied with the new place, which is much more spacious than the old one. it's just that over at work, they're so terribly short-staffed right now that i've been told i can't take any leave till later on this month.

so there's not much i can really do in the meantime, although strictly speaking, i can, before and after work. but i know that once i start, i won't be able to stop, and i don't wanna risk killing myself (i know i would pack/scrub/etc through nights and days and meals and sleep) only to end up slipping up at work -- which might just be a very costly mistake.

well, the good thing is i've had a maid clean up the place a bit. the bad thing is, being obsessive compulsive, i'll hafta go over it another time myself because her standards are a tad lower than mine. have various appointments for furniture to be delivered, curtains and rods affixed, and have more appointments to make for other miscellaneous stuff like wifi and cable set-up.

and i have to go get my work visa renewed all during this period as well.

lack of sleep!