April 11th, 2021



yesterday we went night safari. took the tram twice, did all the trails, and saw many animals. but had to miss the creatures of the night show because all the slots were fully booked far ahead of time, so annoying. even more annoying were the screaming kids with their flashlights and epilepsy-inducing flashing shoes. after i reached home, i felt bloated, headached and a bit sick. then i went to bed before 1am (very unusual for me), and luckily woke up today feeling fine. what should i spend my discover vouchers on?

over the past week, i caught snippets of two other kfantasy dramas, tale of the nine-tailed and goblin. they were very boring and put me to sleep. out of desperation, i started to watch korean odyssey again lol. really can't wait for next month to roll around.