September 1st, 2021


hugging buddha leg

quite fml how i’m 临时抱佛脚 memorising malaysian history and their politicians’ names and party affiliations now. and being quizzed by my dad who keeps adding in little trivia to confuse me like “khairy is abdullah badawi’s son-in-law”, and random trick questions to stump me like “what is the finance minister’s party affiliation?” (apparently zafrul is an independent who was previously also senator...) am also speed reading random sheets of notes and analyses provided by my sister while going through the past month or so’s latest m’sia news. really quite kkml. i need a mrs wadhwani to spend an entire year going through all these with me and spotting questions for me, o level style, so that i can commit all these to long-term memory… like king mongkut was a bald reformist and ananda was damn handsome but died too young.

all this last-minute preparatory work will probably not come in particularly useful tomorrow, except to help me better understand the context and background from which some comments will come. my dad even helped “spot questions” by telling me what broad topics the discussion will most likely be focused on, so no need to waste time reading other not-immediately-useful background, lol. they say you need a village to bring up a kid. actually you generally need a village to do many things, including helping you - a full-grown adult - properly cover areas of your work beyond your immediate expertise (and providing you with ready meals so you can focus on reading up). if it were not so last minute, my sister would definitely have made up one of our rubbish two-player hand-signal games to help me memorise the stuff. or those memory card games to match their faces, names, parties and backgrounds, lol.

once again, glad to be back, where i’m getting a lot more random feedback, suggestions, advice, reminders and whatnot in various forms each day that overall help me become better at what i do. small things that go a long way.

p.s. managed a 40min new annanas video today. very probably no time to do anything at all tomorrow. g’night.