September 12th, 2021


covid anxiety

there's been some anxiety at home lately over the rising covid case count esp since my parents frequent chinatown complex where the latest cluster started and both spent some time there on those dates mentioned. over the weekend, there was some momingqimiao fuss made over whether or not their tests were really negative... i think it's damn irritating when your parents insist on saying stupid things like "i think i saw a faint red line/two red lines on my test, but i'm negative/the health ppl already cleared me"... either you saw it or you didn't. if you think you/they might have made a mistake, then go and test again or clarify immediately. instead of going around telling everyone that you think there's some uncertainty, and still insisting on going all around town and not self-isolating or seeking a new test. very freaking irritating.

so today i had to stop work abruptly and waste one extra test to force my dad to re-test because he arrived at my place to tell me loudly about how he thinks he saw a faint red line on his test. (like, if you think that, (1) why didn't you immed re-test, and (2) why did you still leave home and come here?) yet yesterday, after i sent them a pic of my clearly negative test result at 7pm, he tried to force me to re-test again at 8pm cos apparently my mother told him earlier in the day that she thought she saw two red lines on her test. why didn't he make her re-test immed then, and instead tried to make me take two tests within a 1-hour timeframe when my first one was already clearly negative. for a person who frequently declares loudly to us at home about how smart and logical and worldly wise he is, i really can't see the logic in all his actions.

but scold them already then you end up feeling bad about it after that. you don't see people going around telling others that they might be hiv-positive or they "think" their hiv test result was positive when they have no confirmation whatsoever right? (p.s. all of our tests eventually came out negative, btw.)

anyway, i've been suffering from too-frequent leg/calf/thigh cramps lately (only one leg, mainly). like tingles, muscle spasming and the beginnings of painful leg cramps several times a day. dunno what's wrong. don't really think i've been drinking too little water lately, but shall try to increase my fluid intake a bit. also dunno whether is my posture (like curling up my legs against my chest too much when i'm seated), maybe it is. but then i get these cramps in bed sometimes too, as well as in normal daytime. whatever.

have a new crush from hospital playlist after being forced to watch it by a friend. and their songs are really good. back to work, talk laters.