September 14th, 2021


tangping plzzz

really don't feel like doing anything today (and for the rest of the week) except laze around and watch netflix. it's only on days i have much more important things to do that i end up wanting to do nothing at all. sighz. save me.

sept 15, 4.20pm: very uninspired and am gonna 偷睡 for another little while after writing a grand total of 400 words. somemore have to wake up 5am the next day. zzz.

sept 17, 11.30pm: i've been sleeping, waking and working very weird hours indeed this entire week. because the thought of just starting on any of my writing assignments puts me to sleep straight away, i've been snoozing a lot in the day and then later rushing work through the night and setting alarms to wake up for interviews. in between, i've also had to do my normal supeing shifts from 5/6am, which was quite a mess and very half-hearted cos my mind was almost entirely on my writing and finding new experts rather than on covering the day's range of news items. it's basically doing a reporter's, editor's and copytaster's job all at the same time, zzz.

because of my constant day-time snoozing, my dad started to ask me if i was also constantly sleepy in hk and wondered out loud if the herbal drinks he's been boiling have been too "liang" for me that's why causing my ridiculously low energy levels, lollol. i had to admit that the thing that was putting me to sleep was really just the thought of having to write another lengthy covid overview. even now, i'm procrastinating on my final story for the week... it's really like back to uni days, when j and i would always leave all our termpapers and even theses until the very last minute and then chiong through the night to submit some crap. my messed-up sleep/wake routine is pretty bad though. wanted to take a week or two of leave in october to catch a breather, but then i've missed the deadline for leave requests for next month, super fml.

p.s.: i do realise that my journal entries are just full of me whole day saying that i want to sleep and don't want to work. but i don't really care haha.