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soldiers who've never been to war head off with a sense of bravado (so i read)

i guess i've commented all i think/feel about war on other people's journals, i've sorta run outta juice for my own.

just one last thing to add -- can you imagine, in say, about 20 years down, bush being portrayed the way hitler is in our history textbooks?

nah... i guess he's still far from that ;> no plans yet for the elimination of an entire race huh. (i'm afraid i'll be banned from journalling at lj soon heehee)


do you sometimes think the clouds in the sky make it look like a vast sloping snow-covered mountain?

what about the different shades of blue/green in the sea? and the way the world seems to go on endlessly at its horizon?

the wonders of the world... versus the horrors of man...


non sequitor (from zhenqi's journal)... my own take:

We humans
Are so so so
Repulsive indeed.

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