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three down, three to go

don't feel very happy or upbeat today. why? 'cos i've already completed three outta four of my better modules and tomorrow's one of my worst. in fact the next two papers will be my weakest modules before concluding with a more hopeful one. so it's likely that i'll be feeling sian 'til next week. and i only just woke up. and the readings are like damn boring. and i'm pretty pissed at myself for waking up only now. :(

by the way, i dreamt that femdog, winkibo and un_cadeau bought me an "animal noises" children's picture book for my birthday, and femdog, being the teekee kid she is, kept on fighting with me to pull the tabs on the page to hear the animal sounds. and according to the book, the leopard howls. then a passerby (likely my mother) thought to herself (in my dream, i must have read her mind), how come we're so quarrelsome. and in my mind, i thought to myself, she doesn't know, that's just the way we are. we're deriving entertainment out of pretending to be mad at each other, but really, we're mad about each other.

haha, okay, relating this just made my day feel a little brighter. can't wait for the bloody exams to end!

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