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Styling the worker: Gender and the commodification of language in the globalized service economy (Deborah Cameron)

For instance, one woman told me a story about her son's experience working in a chain of Mexican restaurants. Employees were required to send diners on their way with a scripted farewell sequence that included a cheery wave. No one liked performing this embarrassingly phony routine, but the men found the wave especially problematic, since they regarded the gesture as 'effeminate'. Eventually they solved the problem by rendering it as a quasi-salute.


In my U.K.-based research I came across several attempts to introduce American service customs, which had foundered on the rock of British customers' bafflement, contempt or ridicule. (One example: the stationing at the entrance to a Scottish supermarket of a 'greeter' who exhorted customers to 'enjoy your shopping experience' while handling them a basket. Both staff and customers reportedly found this innovation embarrassing and ludicrous.)
okay, so who else hates all that 'sumimasen'-ing (how to spell??) in jap restaurants? and the full body of staff bellowing 'welcome to mcdonalds!', 'byebye, see you again!' in those overly chirpy tones? seriously, i never once considered the fact that the waiters/waitresses themselves may hate it too, so now it makes it all just a little less irksome. haha. i am so gonna fail tomorrow.

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