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somebody's song-writing

Doesn't matter whom you are with
Doesn't matter where you are going
Don't you know I'm still waiting here for you
And pray for you

In the sunny days sun will light your day
In the windy days wind will lead your way
I have to say you're my treasured moments
Never gonna walk away

In the rainy days rains will share my tears
In the stormy days storms will steel my pain
Just go your way and leave things all behind
Spread your wings and fly away

I'm pretending you are mine
And wishing you'll be fine
The moments we shared never die
You make a difference to my life
And let me realise......

okay, laugh. so the grammar's far from perfect. but hey, i didn't write it. and it isn't complete either. well, i suppose it's good enough and really brave too, for a non-english speaker. ideally, i'd like to correct it a little here and there, but the words aren't mine. but the tune put to it is really, really, really nice.

finished laughing yet? i think i like it a whole lot. *nervous giggle*

i'm suddenly again striken with the great urge to leave this place. but i'm afraid it'll never ever really happen. despite...everything. sigh.

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