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a peek into eric

from un_cadeau and femdog:

01) what is the phone brand?
sony ericsson t630 black

02) what are the last 3 digits of your mobile number?

03) what does the 2nd message in your inbox say?
"hello keroxt, i jus pang-ed sai, haha. the ending yest was so stupid i almost died you know. weiwen actually came back to the family! what a dumb ending! kaoz!!"

04) who’s the first person who comes up under the letter m?

05) who’s the last person you rang?

06) who was your last missed call from?
62709*** (unfamiliar number: who was it?)

07) who’s the 2nd person who comes up under d?

08) what does the last message in your inbox say?
"*name*'s blog in case u're interested: *website* ... nitey nite"

09)who comes up under j?
jacinta, jakrapon, jane, jenny, jessica, jessie, jiahui, jiamin, jiaying, jicong, jingjing, jonathan, june, june (tuition). (in case you guys were wondering, eks comes under e, haha!)

10) go to your sent items - what does the 10th message say?
"which one is sweeter ah?"

11) who’s the 4th person who comes under s?

12) who’s your network provider?

13) how many messages are currently in your inbox?

14) what do you have as your background?
myself in a chalet room, taken by femdog

15) who’s the 2nd person who comes up under r?

16) who do you have on speed dial 3?

17) if you’re on pay as you go, how much credit do you have?
i'm not

18) who’s the first person who comes up under c?

19) how many bars of signal do you currently have?

20) what do you have as your main ringtone?
enrique iglesias' maybe

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