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the guy who lives upstairs us practices on his drums every saturday afternoon. and he plays pretty darn well too... he always plays some chinese song on his radio first, then he drums up the beat himself... it was liang jing ru's wei wo hao today. it sorta surprised me today 'cos i was just blasting the song on the computer not a few minutes ago. considering i can hear him loud and clear from my bedroom window every saturday, i wonder if he could hear mine... it's either the drums or some electric guitar-y stuff he's playing... that's the only reason i think he's a "he" in the first place. i imagine it's the past-time he gets only when he books out. yes... i put quaint little ideas and pictures into my own head which may not even exist in reality.

well i can't be blamed can i... considering all the time i spent upstairs when i was young... since i was two, through thirteen years old. the family which used to live upstairs was my nanny's. mm hm nanny sounds kiddish... caretaker sounds odd... in any case we call her auntie. i could almost picture xiao korkor (her youngest son) behind the drums... had i not known they were long since gone, and that xiao korkor can't play anything for nuts. i feel guilty we don't go visiting them more often. the last time we did was before i got into jc... lingyong couldn't even remember me anymore... sigh. sometimes i wish they never moved. that we (the kids) still went upstairs after school, for meals, and only coming home at night. sometimes i think it wouldn't matter if our house was still maid-less and a big mess and nobody could really bother with cleaning it up.

i guess tian xia wu bu shan zi yan xi is correct... we were told the new occupants, (well, it's been about 6 years, if you still call that new... it all seems just a couple of months ago...) the lady's a music/piano teacher... but that's all we know. it may well be her strumming away on the guitar, drumming away on her boom-booms upstairs, but i kinda hope it isn't. it sounds like a guy... hopefully a cool-looking one... funny how the mind conjures little fantasies up huh *grin*

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