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from a "regular taxi commuter"

i was just flipping through the new paper when i came across an article on the taxi-fare hikes scheduled for effect this coming monday. so it goes, blah blah blah blah...

But cab fares here are already lower than in many other cities.
According to Land Transport Authority statistics for 2005, the basic taxi fare for a 10km trip in Singapore is about $8.
In Hong Kong, the same trip would cost about $15 while in New York, it would be $18 and in London, $28.

umm, i don't know about hong kong, but how much more do people earn in new york and in london for approximately the same types of jobs than do people over here? i kinda think that was a really lousy comparison; correct me if i'm wrong.

okay, so i'm darn pissed 'cos i'm either gonna turn up very late for everything in future, or i'm gonna go like super broke... 'cos i haven't discovered a way as of yet to waking up on time for stuff. heehee.

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