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the 堕落 tuesday

i spent four hours this evening in utter 堕落-ation. as i passed cg, trying to walk as slowly as possible, savouring as much of tonight as i could, and yet wishing for time to tick faster by; giving that occasional glance at the people going in and coming out gave me a sudden revelation. well, not really a revelation, but a realisation--what i have learnt these past six/seven months is the art of recognising/distinguishing/differentiating an aspect of life/society i had previously not been very much exposed to.

it's like having learnt a new language, recognising it when people speak, by their mere accents, being able to tell that they are speakers of that language. it's like being able to differentiate between japanese, koreans, china-chinese, taiwanese, hongkongers and singaporean chinese; being able to tell one's dialect from one's surname, because you've been immersed in this environment for so long already. 以前的我,若不知道,会以为不是。 但现在的我已逐渐了解 it's all along actually been a positive in great degrees.

it's picking up a new skill, like having a new tool, the way we suddenly saw ideology in every small little speck of dust. the signs are there for all to see. we've decked ourselves out in codes... (entry ends here as my sausages have finished and, to be honest, i scare myself being up so late.)

it's nothing, really. i just delight in it. because... you know, i know... we're just fellow human beings helping each other get by. no matter what people say or think.

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