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hmmm... maybe i oughta make it a point to update every saturday afternoon. it seems it's only on saturday afternoons that i'm free and super bored enough to update. yeah ok, i know i sound ridiculous... what do i mean free??? i'm free practically everyday right?! tsk tsk...... well i meant that everybody's home on saturday... kept at home on a tight leash, there's hardly much to do but to update...

anyway, things i hafta get, or should be getting, done:

1. weeks and weeks of german homework i haven't touched
2. book 7: crown of swords ( i just got started)
3. repaint toe nails... preferably with a nice new nail colour
4. seriously consider busting $24.90 on livin' large, or a bit more on the sims unleashed

know what? there are 3 things which can't really be carried out simultaneously... no. 1, finishing the entire series of wheel of time (until book 10). no. 2, getting re-hooked onto the sims; and no. 3, getting re-updated by reading all those newsweeks and newspapers collecting dust somewhere in the house. how??? and guess what? i just found out that robert jordan's coming out with a 2nd prequel... new springs, instead of working on his 11th book. well, what do i think of that? i don't know... all i know is, i hope i finish all 10 books long before any new books come out... and i'm not even including the 1st prequel...

by the way, one afternoon this week, i was listening to 93.3fm as usual when chongqing suddenly told all young listeners to open their ears for a really old but nice song... then me and my sis realised it's that damn nice song we've liked all our lives! but i missed the name of the song... shit. the song was once, many many donkey years ago, used as a theme song for an sbc drama (haha it's tcs now... so long ago). the main character in that show was tracer wong... at one part where the song plays before the show starts, she was dancing under a fountain, in the rain. it stuck in my mind forever.

the song goes something like:
"...bu yao gen wo shuo qing chu fen shou li you, wo shen me dou jie shou... mei you ni ling wo gu dan, mei you ni ling wo xin suan, mei you ni de gan jue ling wo bu xi guan..."
well i don't expect anyone can make much outta these lyrics, plus they're not like 100% accurate also... i wish i just knew it's title, and who sang it in the first place... it's a female.

mm hm... songs are so definitely a major part of my life.

oh and i've got an interview with smu this monday, 9am, at the accounting block. ok... hear me whine... first, i have no idea how the hell to get there. next, what the crazy shit... an interview? and a dumb 30 minute essay? i hate interviews! i hate them! they freak me out! i suppose it's less stressful to have 2 professors to a group of maybe 8 people, but still... by the time i work out the most tactful way to speak in my mind, they'll be onto another topic already! plus i'll probably quiver while speaking... and i can't think properly under such circumstances! argh argh argh!!! ok third, i don't even wanna get in... i so damn wanna do european studies now... but my dad just wants to be "on the safe side" <-- sarcasm, as usual.

ok. wish me luck. luck luck luck. luck alone should be enough, considering i don't care for smu... but if i don't get in, it'll only prove i have super damn shit lousy interviewing skills lor... what else.

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