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one wanton wednesday

if i had described yesterday as 堕落, i would describe today as wanton. absolutely nothing productive took place in my little life today, unless you include building three very large houses on the computer screen, and helping my mother type out very long letters in chinese.

twelve months ago today, my gran passed away. twelve months later, wallette my family hammie passed away very suddenly. because, after about an hour of realising that she wouldn't wake up despite much prodding, we found a string of ants already gathered around her little face, we think that she must have been bitten to death by them. only a few days ago, we discovered a scab on her back and there was nothing in her open-air fishtank home that could have caused that, so it must have been the evil ants. how else would they have discovered her so fast? my sister had only been playing with her a couple of hours before, and she had then been well and fine. it was a little saddening to see her little body as if sleeping peacefully, yet knowing that she had gone. poor baby wally.

i miss having the rest of the world awake with me, albeit for differing reasons. i miss being at macs 'til three. i miss being with you. i feel like i haven't seen you for eternity. and here i am, holed up in my room, and if that visitor outside won't go home quick, i will have to pee in my pants really soon.

ps: on second thought, i'm not really sure of the use of the word "wanton" as an adjective. i just actually logged on to the all-exclusive (ha!) oxford english dictionary online via my nus account but am still not too sure. so... if i'm using it wrong here, too bad. i think it just sounds good enough not to remove. the word always reminds me of delicious 云吞 noodles. yum yum.

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