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of physical ailments

hey, guess what, i managed to get my ear infected again! twice in slightly more than a month seems like quite a lot to me! i'm practicing becoming a little more umm masochistic here so the only thing i really hate about it is walking around with one very noticeable bright red ear. but i'm guessing it'll be swelling up much more by tomorrow, but i haven't got access to any antiseptic right now, so, yeah. that aside, i also have a couple of ulcers down my throat and under my upper lip, where one of my vampire teeth is poking straight into it, as always. and my lower lip cracked 'til it bled last night. all these... obviously, i haven't been drinking enough water as usual and i finished a whole box (or two?) of mini cornettos by myself the other day.

oh well, don't people always give in to pleasure and then live to regret? well, i have theories... other.

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