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the sims 2 pets expansion pack

the sims 2 pets (expansion pack number four) is coming out in october! this is a definite must-get!

of all the expansion packs, i already have the sims 2 university (birthday present) and the sims 2 nightlife (from the total world cup winnings though i never bet a single cent). i think i'm giving the sims 2 open for business a miss, since i'm soo not a business person and don't see the point of my sims running a business and clogging up my computer either.

of the three stuff packs they have (just new objects and items but no new gameplay), i have none. but i intend to get the latest--glamour life when i have time 'cos it really looks really cool. had initially intended to get the family fun one until i saw the release of glamour life! and i think that the holiday season one was rather crappy... i mean, who celebrates like christmas all year round?

so, yeah. i'm soo not getting over the sims and i think i'm never ever going to, with them releasing all these expansion packs once in every short while. and i think the sims 3 is slated to come out in 2008 or something. wonder how dramatically the gameplay will be improved then.


for now, lemme go and check on guybrush escaped from the balcony...

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