a little less than the girl next door (in_transit) wrote,
a little less than the girl next door

go GA-GA over my five new songs

maybe i will start updating again more frequently after school reopens mid-august. or maybe i will not. we shall see. i'm updating today from inside my parents' room on the old compie (which, now almost completely empty, is amazingly fast) while they're snoring away happily. and i have another FIVE new songs!

lemme attempt a recap on some mundane happenings in my little life today.

1. brian had to call twice at 330am to wake me up.
2. it was strange having to call uncle andrew at 4am.
3. everything felt like a dream the next day (today) when i woke up and i seriously wondered if everything hadn't been a dream after all.
4. had several missed calls on my phone and received several caller alert messages although my phone had been on the entire time.
5. had telephone conversations cut off several times for no apparent reason.
6. the conclusion of points four and five is that i finally have a valid excuse for a new handphone!
7. left the umbrella that yati repeatedly reminded me not to forget, at yuping's place.
8. sent four sims to college (haruki, dieter, natalie and natasha, in that order).
9. guess what haruki's surname is!?
10. i love haruki!
11. considered the possibility that we both mistakenly think that the other person just can't get past our respective pasts.
12. resolved to stop griping about things... as far as that is possible for me, that is.
13. adam sandler is coming on tv in that anger management show i've watched a billion times already.
14. adam sandler's new flick, click opens on 3 august. i am going to catch this no matter what or how stupid.
15. it's approaching 2am and i have to wake at 530am.
16. i don't know why i only ever have no desire to sleep when i truly have something the next day... and suddenly develop great desire for sleep when i have something to do in a while.

16 is a good number to end at. a couple of days back, thefridayfive had this question: if you were born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name have been? i would definitely have been a john. and my email address would have been john316@singnet.com.sg. so cool right? haha, okay, the end, goodnight.

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