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the end of one good thing doesn't mean that bad follows

every morning afternoon when i awake these days, i have a great time picking on my crust-caked stud and i wonder why this didn't happen earlier. haha, okay, that was crazy. (i would have liked to post a photo of it, but can't find the digicam.) anyway, this week is supposed to be "tying up loose ends" week, completing "holiday assignments" and handing over/back stuff before school reopens. unfortunately, due to not much fault of mine (i feel), some of these will have to drag on for another little while. but oh well, i can bear with it.

i'm excited about school starting again. but i also wonder (and am apprehensive about) how different this year might prove to be from the past three. so few people in class, and so many of them smart ones. and i might not be one of them. sigh. i think two or three of my classes only start on the third week or so, so that's a really good thing for me. i don't really like missing the first few weeks of lessons. actually it seems like i have a little more to write, but i've suddenly developed a stomachache, so i'm going off now. bye.

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