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lamer: school has been further sars-pended

wow ok... the sars outbreak has caused jc students to be kept home 'til the 9th... secondary school students 'til 14th... and primary schoolers 'til 16th!!! the little primary schooling kids will have had about a month's break from school... i never knew it was that bad. it's like a state emergency... or is it already? i don't know. not updated.

nothing close to this has even happened in my schooling life! and it has to happen right after we leave jc... how sick is that? ok i know there's been lotsa debate on whether or not the "holiday" should have been implemented in the first place, and that students don't get the seriousness of it and all. i can imagine how i would be feeling were i one of them. as everyone probably already knows, stay-at-home-all-day holidays are the purrfectest for me! haha!

can read, can surf the net, can download music, can watch tv/vcd/dvd etc etc etc. somemore can buy more time to do all the lagging homework, brush up on all the lousy shit topics i can't do, have extra tuition lessons with mr. tan blah blah blah. of course i realise i may not necessarily do all these, if it were me on "holiday" at the moment (hey but then i am on holiday!). but with all that extra time, i'm bound to have at least abit done right?


anyway would it be appropriate to say "these are the times that try men's souls"? what with the war, and then this sars outbreak, and everything else which is gonna come crashing down on us...

oh, and read this, if you have the time, and the emotion to spare...

*edit* ps: realise that my "energetic" icon fits my current music to the core. *grin*

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