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can't wait for 6pm!

since studying syntax really puts me to sleep and i have decided to give up for the night, here's an enlarged version of my beautiful new ga icon as requested by rui81.

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umm, but the message in the icon not dedicated to you ah. don't wanna kena beaten up by kyky owner and have my remains eaten by kyky dog. heehee.

i watched prisonbreak today and omg michael scoffield is so *** goodlooking! i'm not a great fan of the little bits of violence though. and i thought one of the prison guards that appeared for a split second looked like...... burke! wahahahahahaha!

but it makes me sad to know that at the same time i'm at lip class in the morning, the whole of america will be watching ga season 3.

never mind, midterm break is here!!! after the long day plus test tomorrow, that is. i wanna watch (1) imagine me and you, (2) devil wears prada, (3) singapore dreaming and (4) the banquet. goodnight!

and i have nothing more to talk about apart from tv, movies, music, homework, research, tests and maybe in-between-class "romances" because that's all my little life is about at the moment!

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