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rain is rani scrambled... wahahahahahaha!

am still recovering from the big shock i got at the end of the fullhouse episode today. music therapy to aid me in that. i thought it was gonna be the last episode finally, because the show's been going twenty thousand big rounds since i first started watching it about three weeks back, and they're still at the same spot. and the show had to end with zhi'en in a really terribly messy dirty fullhouse and running to the door in rebonded hair and opening it revealed minhe ge with a bouquet of flowers! imagine thinking for two hours that it was bound to be the last episode today 'cos they couldn't possibly have more content to go on with all that, only for it to come to a tentative end like this!!!

haiii... i've been spending two hours in front of the tv sunday nights for the past three weeks cursing and swearing at how disgustingly they're behaving, especially that han zhi'en ah, zhen shi diu jin le all females' de lian. and still, i go on and on watching it and hoping that she and rain end up happily ever after, though i already know that shows like these always end happily. is that pure stupidity or what?

but rain reminds me of mat cauthon, especially when he wears that scarf around his neck. and when he smiles 'til his whole mouth occupies his entire face. that's why i even started watching it in the first place. the girl is quite cute also. but minhe ge looks really terrible sometimes though sometimes very shuai. and his clothes... either don't match or just plain crazy. i mean, who wears white pants to walk in the rain... i mean, who wears white pants in the first place? and a striped overcoat with a dark brown patterned shirt underneath with maroon(?) tie? horrendous!

but hell, do i love like the songs. umm, hopefully the strikeout made me sound a little more sane. wish i could write the lyrics out here. unfortunately, i don't understand korean. and from what the translator says, i don't know whether to trust the lyrics or not. go download the song from a few entries down! here!

actually, i entertained secret (insane) thoughts of asking my (korean) lecturer what the lyrics mean. but of course, he'll end up (1) thinking i'm nuts, (2) thinking i'm proposing to him via the lyrics, maybe (3) think i'm trying to suck up to him, (4) really think i'm nuts and report me. heehee *giggles crazily*

i am sick and have a red and raw nose stuffed full of mucus and i have to go back to school early in the morning, so i get to be as crazy and embarrassing as i want to. plus i have a handsome new phone and i can reply smses at top speed now. muahahahahahaha! goodnight!

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