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viva la vida "local"

from fridayfiver:

1. The time:
11.29pm. i took 2.5 hours to reach home in a bus jam after school today, so my whole evening has practically been wasted.

2. The weather:
28°C. 82°F.

3. The big news story:
the haze meeting in indonesia to which singapore and other affected countries were invited. i think they're supposed to come up with some agreement. and if they succeed in doing so, this means i can scrape my plans to... joooanne, *wink wink*

4. Your favourite hangout:
can i say, outside the pasta fresca along neo pee teck lane? it's a cosy place, now that the haze seems to have subsided. i think i spend altogether about a couple of hours there a week these days. by the way, which is likely to be more harmful--cigarette smoke (first-hand/second-hand) or that crappy burnt-smell-in-the-air haze?

5. The must-have accessory:
a "tie-hair thing" (not scrunchie) around my wrist. for times i need to bunch my hair up in a hurry. once i tied my hair up suddenly while talking to eks. minutes later eks commented, "eh, the thing you use to tie your hair is the same as the thing around your wrist!" only to realise that it wasn't 'round my wrist anymore. hehe.


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