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almost, almost... since when, 'til when?

i'm just done with my "work out" at tampines stadium with zhenqi and xinlian. we (zhenqi and i) did 6 rounds today... which isn't alot, of course... but just right for me, lazy slacker me. xinlian couldn't do it today 'cos she kinda sprained her ankle trying to keep fit yesterday... saw her rebonded hair; looks fine, pretty natural, 'tho she said she wasn't all too happy about it. it was fine, really. anyway, that's not the main point......

as zhenqi and i were walking into the tampines sportshall when we just arrived, the vj badminton team walked out. yeah great... what else could prompt me to start journalling the moment i reach home right? yeah, anyway the guys walked out first... and i caught sight of daorong, so i was going "hey look, that guy in vj yellow pe t-shirt, that guy's daorong" to zhenqi. and just as i was saying "daorong" way too loudly, the girls walked out. i could have slapped myself on the spot.

the girls included a couple of my junior class girls, one of whom i guess is called diana, who looks some sort like sun yanzi. so of course they heard my oh-too-loud comment and had to give me stares which went something like "oh my goodness, isn't that girl from vj?... our senior class?... bio-ing our classmate daorong?...... senior girl bio-ing her junior??" argh...... it was some sort of a major embarrassment for me, which i probably managed to cover quite successfully, thankfully or not so thankfully.

if they knew the truth, they'd probably fall over themselves laughing to death. sigh...... lippy wasn't in their numbers. double sigh. you know how things go... first of all, you meet the vj badminton people out of the blue... hopes rise. then you realise lippy isn't one of them... hopes dashed. daorong was just small, really small consolation. he's just eye candy (my kind, i know... weird taste). i had the urge to go up and ask one of them, where's lippy? fortunately or unfortunately, i didn't.

am i crazy or what? taking a fancy to some guy younger than me... who probably doesn't even know my name, unless he asked guoliang (fat hope). who only recognises me by face, which i'm thankful for... who probably sees me as some scary creature who keeps staring after him... lustily maybe? or maybe he thinks there's just something wrong with the way my eyes move, seeming to follow him everywhere he goes...... even if i go get to know him, being the typical dunmanian and shit, as if he's not gonna think me nuts... first i'm older than him, next i approached him. not to mention if i went to know him, i won't be able to watch him like i also do anymore; not that i have much chance now anyway.

not that i'm so stuck in the social stigma of "can't date younger guys"... even if he isn't either, hey i don't even really know him! i know he's serious and mugger-shit and crap... not really my usual fare right? not to mention i think he might be petty and... generally dunman high-ish... but i can like whoever i choose to like. but it's oh so impossible! i probably just like to watch his scared look, see him in specs, his cutey curly hair and all that crap... seriously, i'm nuts.

and why do i think daorong's eye-candy-kinda-cute? he's got a naughty cheeky mischievious look... he's casual and carefree and no-holds "seh"... his hair looks prone to curling (maybe)... he looks like he could be rude without bothering about the consequences etc etc. that's basically how i'd describe kaixiang too... minus the curling hair part... plus kaixiang's got the perfect build... the guy i've been describing all my life, without even having seen him before. shucks......

somebody, wake me, please!!! (preferably a cute guy) *wry grin* i think the song's sorta suitable (alliteration!) for today's entry. shall leave off here. i want so much............

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