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19 November 2006 @ 12:34 am
first lines from '05  
from memesheep:

Take the first line from the first post of each month of 2005 - your year in review.

do you really truly like them too the way i suggested?

And I'm forever grateful to You

i threw away your various numbers and addresses last year, so this is the only place left you can know i didn't forget.

here's another christian song to add on to the collection of those who secretly love them but would die to hide the fact from the world. :>

exams over. playing too much. will update when have time.

what shall i say? results? not worth celebrating over, but not all that disappointing either lah, though i must admit, i was kind of sian diao after seeing them.

Will I dance for you, Jesus

this is crazy, but for only the second time in my entire life, i experienced and understood what they always meant by "a winning smile".

dear God, may i resolve to start anew?

from thefridayfive:

hello and good morning, world! lemme boast 'bout the fact that i didn't sleep, 'cos at 2.30am, i was suddenly enlightened on the pendaun language, and spent the rest of the wee hours of the morning revamping my entire speech and slides.

hongkong in a hurry; bye for now.
Mood: bored
Music: Drake Bell - I Know