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welcome to the family!

introducing cordyceps and templeton

guybrush, naturally, isn't exactly over the moon

templeton's the black one, from the clever rat in charlotte's web; my sister named him. cordyceps' the black-and-white one. he's 东虫草 in chinese, and i named him after umm julian cheng(?)'s character in 水浒无间道 on channel 55. we shall call him cody for short. and i'm posting videos only because anything's better than studying.

  • i then

    today i learnt that they are not always crisis colour pencils.

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    today, i headed to 85 after work because i was desperately craving for some nice soupy meaty bcm. however, by the time i arrived, slightly…

  • trip to changi airport and back

    went as two; returned alone.

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