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thursdaythree and fridayfive

because i'm a meme-fan and everything's about me. i hope grey's showed yesterday, but somehow i've got the sad feeling that it didn't 'cos they must have had some thanksgiving special. :( but what could be more special than grey's? tell me!

from thursdaythree:

1. What are three fictional characters, whose character flaws you most identify with?
grey's anatomy's george o'malley, bbm's jack twist, the narrator in daphne du maurier's rebecca (i.e. the second mrs. de winter). as for exactly which character flaws i identify with, i could take another ten pages elaborating.

2. Have you ever written a secret note? What kind was it?
yeah. it was the bored-outta-your-mind-with-studying kind. i've got plenty of 'em.

3. What is the worst gift you have ever gotten?
well lemme see, i think it was a translucent orange rubber handbag, from some-random-body. maybe it was from one of those gift exchange parties or something, i can't remember. :o

from thefridayfive:

1. What are you most thankful for?
family and friends, i guess--such a model answer, tsktsk. well, i'm also umm sorta thankful for grades, current financial status and certain opportunities in life, available to me only by other people's generosity. i'm also extremely thankful for my still-rather-new handphone, without which, i would still be stuck with countless unreplied smses.

2. Think back one year, have the things you are thankful for changed?
family and friends will likely always remain on the list. last year, i think i probably wouldn't have been so thankful for grades; in fact, i was probably still worrying over them. (that might be better, actually, 'cos i'm bloody not studying at all now!) also, last year, i wouldn't have thought so much about finances and "certain opportunities", so a year makes a hell load of a difference. finally, last year, i was so totally unthankful for the state my mobile had become... so that has most definitely changed the most.

3. What did you feast on yesterday?
we don't celebrate thanksgiving over here, at least, not my family. so, unfortunately, i can't remember already what i had last night.

4. This time of year is filled with parties, gifts, friends, and family, what are you looking forward to the most?
friends, i guess. because (1) i see family everyday, (2) gifts are usually things i can do without, and (3) parties confuse me. but then again, i think i see my friends the least during the holiday season. strange, isn't it?

5. (insert December holiday here) is coming up, what if anything do you want for it?
i know this is impossible, but i'd like my degree already. so i can start slacking right away. okay, never mind, i think i want a desktop computer so i can sim better on it. or a buncha new threadlesses. :)

*BONUS: How do you like to cook your turkey?
i don't like to cook. i like them cooked. so i can eat them on the way home. yum yum.

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