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today, cordyceps kena accused of being the mole by tc and was subsequently suspended. tc later was forced by jun-ge to shoot xiaoshan, so he shot her in the stomach and she fell into the sea and disappeared. jun-ge's men then kidnapped nichole and she hid her mobile in her boot. jun-ge tried to use nichole to blackmail tc into getting even more involved in the plan to retrieve the confiscated weapons. tc in turn used nichole to blackmail cordyceps. he made cordyceps act like he (cody) was the mole and tc was the good guy in front of a tied-up nichole. then nichole said, "i will still love you even though you are evil!" and everybody watched it on the cctv in jun-ge's room and tc was very angry. when cody returned with a heavy heart, tc punch him in the stomach. they then had to set off to steal the weapons in the police armoury back for chitchai the evil thai triad boss who looks like a small ah-beng. everything was quite exciting and i think the next episode's gonna be the final one, but i'm not sure if they show it on weekdays only or what. i love cordyceps, he's so cute here!

i also found out that a matter of customs was showing on channel 48 in cantonese, so i watched bits and pieces of the last few episodes, and they were utterly ridiculous. whoever who's still watching the series, you can stop already. the plot only gets more and more ridiculous. come, lemme spoilt it for you. guess what? apparently, up to the point where channel 55 has shown it, some new characters still have yet to be introduced. ah-gang (who is also tc in the other show--none other than stupid wang xi)'s ex-girlfriend, that irritating girl who came in between him and xuan xuan, according to my dad, died of drug overdose or something. later, ah-gang and ah-jie (chris!)'s dad also died... how come, i don't know. tu lingshan went drug trafficking and got caught. ah-gang went undercover. madam is pregnant (?!??!) and before lingshan went to jail, they went and visited his dad's tombstone together. madam misused her authority to undo lingshan's handcuffs so that he could use his hands to sweep the dry leaves aside. dunnowhatelse happened and i don't know what happened to my beloved xuan xuan and exactly who she ended up with. i had thought that it was supposed to be a semi-lighthearted show, how did it turn out so disgusting?

on another channel, mengzhe managed to jump through a styrofoam hoop into the swimming pool without spoiling the hoop. it was amazing because he's the fattest of the 5566 gang and they all call him "xiao fei xiang" (dumbo)! later, another one of them also managed to clear the hoop, but by jumping in legs first instead. on yet another channel, this programme required taiwanese actresses/singers/models to remove their make-up and then the hosts and people invited would critique criticise them and stuff. one of the models(?), upon intensive critique criticism, started crying. it was quite ridiculous.

i am so gonna fail my exams. :(

p.s.: if you have the time only to catch one (chinese) programme, make it shui hu wu jian dao.

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