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so i'm awake in the middle of the night... not something very shocking anymore... it's huiquan's birthday today -- 21st. not that i specifically went to remember, i just happened to... not that it's at all important either, suddenly feel like laughing out of ridiculousness. :p and it's weiying's birthday in exactly a week's time. what'll we be getting her? and senny, shuqi wants to ask you if you're sharing too...... feel free to drop comments and ideas on what to get her, in case i'm too lazy to work my thumbs up and down the small handphone keypad of mine. nowadays i keep leaving my handphone in my bag or under some pillow or books and forget about it until several hours later. then, i'm too lazy to reply... typing on the keyboard's much faster. apologies for my laziness, but i don't exactly feel sorry for it either.

oh yes, and my handphone's vibration has gone ka-put again. and when it rings out loud in my bag when i'm out, either i don't hear it 'cos i've my earphones plugged firmly in both ears; or by the time i dig it out of my bag, it's become a missed call... or i'm not sure it's mine, and hesitate. and i'm constantly embarrassed for not hearing my phone, or fumbling in my bag, or missing my calls...... that i decided to put it on silent mode so i can be saved from the misery. what a good idea! and by the way, last wednesday, the thought of lippy so addled my brains that i forgot my watch and left it somewhere in the stadium. shit. yes, my nike watch... well, if i'd lost any other watch i'd be in just the same hot spot... now i'll have to keep the fact from my parents... which shouldn't be too difficult unless they chance on this site. tsk.

tomorrow...... or rather, today, this evening, is my exam... german. liza says it's our last lesson for the term, but i thought there were a couple more lessons.... but then, i'm not sure. blur as usual, i'd better trust what other people say. i've just revised the textbook, shall do the worksheets and stuff tomorrow. i sound so mugger-shit suddenly right? probably never heard of me "revising" before in jc. <-- sarcasm. haha. interest goes a long way, it seems... for now, at least. and i just had 2 packets of quaker oats porridge. nice! the good thing about stuffing yourself (myself, rather) mad at night's that the food doesn't come straight down my intestines... know what i mean lah huh. *grin* i'm such a pig... still at 40kg 'tho. :>

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