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i dreamt we were thinking of getting a new place. we were at a showroom for a house. it was really rather pretty. it had just a so-so living room and squeezy kitchen with all the very best and coolest furniture and equipment, but the kitchen led to a tiny spare room at the back and i totally loved that. the spare room was fantastic--it had windows looking both out of and into the rest of the house, it had a cosy atmosphere, a nice big comfy bed, and a platform upstairs with a big dining table, a very romantic feel to it. the master bedroom was probably even better, but i knew i wanted the tiny spare room. the master bedroom had wide retractable doors that opened up to some buona vista bus-stop near the science park. it was pretty.

i didn't wanna leave the place, especially my tiny spare room. i kept casting longing looks back at it, but we had to leave. we apparently had some other activity planned. so the agent (who so happened to be pastor lee) turned off the lights to the showroom, shut the windows, clicked some switch, and the entire house converted into a really tiny room, like some weird mechanical jack-in-a-box being shut back in. a few other unrelated scenes later, it was night and we were somewhere near some beach, i think, 'cos my feet and toes were caked with wet sand, which i hate, and i was sticky from saltwater. there were fireflies flickering around, and we caught some, hoping to have them long enough to see them start glowing rhythmically together (this comes from prof. moh!).

i think the rest of the extended dream had other people like george (o'malley!) who was being a stubborn mule as usual, maybe some cousins of mine, and a couple of small kids, i don't know whose. but those aren't important. the most memorable of the dream was that showroom with the tiny spare room with its door hidden right at the back of the kitchen. maybe i'd been building too many houses on sims2, though i'd already stopped for almost two weeks now. i don't know how some people on the game do it, but somehow my houses never turn out too fantastic--will post pics if i ever find the time and inspiration. i think i didn't really wanna hafta wake up, but somebody started calling on my mobile, so i had to get up to answer it. which effectively ended my dream. so i can only immortalise memories of my tiny spare room by writing about it here.

她说叫我不要迫不急待。i'll try, i'll try. i'll try arrr.

i know, when given the choice to sit it out or dance, you'll dance. err, heeheeheehee. i'm damn evil lah.

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