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sigh...... guybrush just doesn't seem to realise his amazing ability to unsettle people.

being the nice, kind, empathetic person i am, i let him out of his balcony to take a walk around the house, while i got busy with trimming my fingernails, exploring my ear with the cottonbuds etc... he got bored of following me around and sniffing at the nailclipper and stuff after a while, and started messing with the wires behind the computer desk in my room. and then he had to get his fearsome long claws caught in one of the wires! and then in my fright, seeing his paw hanging in midair by his claws, i tried to free his nails, only to have him try to scratch me! what an idiot......

i was feeling damn freaked out, seeing him hanging like that, and the wires making some weird noise... i guess getting his claws stuck like that is similar to getting your fingernail pulled out... and feeling so scared for the pain he might be feeling, i was really feeling totally helpless... plus he refused my help by flailing his free paw around, claws out...

finally, i jerked the computer wires around abit, and he managed to free himself. then he strolled out of the room casually, back to his balcony...... wah lau!

anyway, it seems he unsettles zhenqi too. haha... such that she has refused to come to my house. so that means xinlian won't be visiting me anytime guy's still around too... so funny.

oh, and the vibration on my handphone came back miraculously today. hmmm... do you think it knows about my post early this morning? it was right as rain again when i switched it on when i woke up this... afternoon. tsk. hope it remains this way.

off for a shower before german exam. think i shall wear a skirt today... girly... eeks!

ps: realise that i start to sleep, and post alot, whenever i have an exam coming up. know why? 'cos the only other alternative is to study. *makes face*

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