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carpe diem

we had a very late jap dinner last night at about eleven plus. the weather today was much cooler than yesterday's as it rained the entire day. we went to sai kung and walked around for a bit, then went to ifc some huge suntec/paragon-like shopping centre before coming back to shop around at the esprit outlet for a while. we are now proud owners of cat-opoly, a cat-themed monopoly board game--in preparation for my sister's grand plans for the future. i wanted to post some pics taken today, but (1) they aren't anything fantastically exciting, (2) ray says he has had enough of my beautiful stunning pics, and (3) my sis doesn't want anymore public posts featuring her pics (i believe that's 'cos she wants to save 'em for her own).

we were just watching a short programme on fei cui channel from a series called 一家人. it was like one of those royston's shorts stuff... very real, very natural, and uses unknown people. about a toddler who stays at his gran's 'cos his parents had to work to provide for their child's future (according to the prog, estimated hkd$40,000,000 per kid?) and how the baby seemed rather estranged from his mum and refuses to call her 妈 or respond to her. quite a nice meaningful show, 'though like one of our government-initiated stuff to encourage closer family ties. towards the end of the show, the parents discussed over whether or not for the mother to quit her job.


a question very worth the thinking about indeed, because it applies in almost every area of our lives, if you think carefully about it. what say you?

lkf tonight. gonna shower.

-- felicty with acne

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