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of hk pix and christinderella

hongkong 2006 december (new)

hongkong 2006 august (new)

hongkong 2005 december

hongkong 2003 december

i think i won't be posting any more of those crappy fake-story entries this time round, so you guys can just take a look at the pics. i'm not like the most fantastic photographer around; in fact, my photo-taking skills seriously suck big-time lah. but too bad, those shall hafta suffice. it was fun there, 'though we didn't have very much to do except walk around and eat and shop. i think hongkong twice/thrice in a year is seriously a bit overkill, but i don't care lah.

christinderella, my new el best friend cum gossip buddy, 'though you're prolly not gonna get to see this 'til you get back, have loadsa fun over there yeah! try out all the things i told you about (especially the dessert buffet at grand hyatt!!!) and help me say hi to the horriblest name in the whole wide world (and it does rain in hongkong lah, fool!)! i even dedicated a tag just for you! mnbf: my new best friend, geddit? (bet you didn't, bimbo!) can't wait for you to get back already so i can hear all about... all the you-know-whos lah. hiak hiak. so long!
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