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nespray advert

you're my pride and my joy,
and the reason is clear,
it's because you are here,
you're my best little girl in the world..."

anybody find these lyrics familiar? ok, they may not be 100% accurate, but the last part at least?

anybody grew up drinking nespray? with milo/ovaltine/horlicks/sustagen/goodness-knows-what-else?

anybody else remember a milkpowder brandname 'klim'? more than a decade ago, i was elated to discover it actually spelt "milk" backwards...

perhaps that's where my obsession with words and stuff sprouted hor.

aiyah... memories...

*starts humming*

"wei shen me wu lin gao shou
dou yao cheng wei
tian xia di yi
wei shen me ren zai jiang hu
sheng bu you ji
wei shen me, wei shen me

remember zui4 hou4 yi4 ge4 da4 xia2?

chew chor meng was some monkey-like boy called yingwu? and zoe tay called hongxiu?

and the purple killer?! and tuo1 tuo1 hai3 some transvestite?

i seem to have the constant need to remind people of the show...


Percy Weasley!!
You're Ministry Boy Percy's little lady!

Who is your Hogwarts boy?
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