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hear me rant

i'm feeling really sleepy now, but also feeling rather guilty about not having updated my journal for almost a week. well, can't blame me... nothing much to update on anyway. *eyelids almost shutting*

the most important thing that has happened to me this past week is just that my kind and generous dad has subscribed to channel 55 out of the blue, after he heard me exclaiming in disappointment that the only time i wanna watch scv, it doesn't have the channel i want... and now i've found (renewed) joy and pleasure in getting myself hooked to all nick cheung's shows which are playing at the moment.

5.15pm, 4.30am and 7.45am is showing secret of the heart, tian di hao qing... we watched that years ago, sec4 if i'm not wrong; that's where i first set (open) eyes on him and... you know the rest. 10.35pm and 10.30am are the slots for law enforcers, yong3 tan4 shi2 lu4... i haven't watched it before, so am naturally particularly interested in the show. yeah, i know the different slots for each show are reruns... same episode every day... but well......

it's back to the familiar old feeling of impatience when waiting for the next episode to screen the next day, a whole 24 hours away. and here's one more reason for me to hate weekends! at least last time when game of deceit (pian zhong chuan qi) and perhaps legendary four aces (shi da cai zi) were showing, there was school and studies to take up the rest of my time in between... and channel u was kind enough to screen 2 hours of the dramas on weekends... but now?!

what's worse, i went to check out the plot synopsis for the serial... law enforcers. turns out the girl who's supposedly nick chueng's girlfriend now, falls in love with nick's brooding divorced long-time good friend. who of course, has to hide his affection for the girl and "give" her to nick. how dumb! and nick has to be so besotted with her, he simply cannot put her out of mind, and probably irritates her 'til she keeps ticking him off and he turns out more and more pathetic with each episode... which is fast approaching.

well, he started off the usual cool and serious police inspector who's great at everything and... practically what every girl would look up to... after he falls in love with her (which happens after several minor misunderstandings) he becomes some sorta changed. i guess this has to be the scriptwriter's fault. he becomes happy and cheerful and spontaneous and more prone to shooting his mouth off... which is where the girl starts finding fault with him. tsk!

so we're now entering into the "where he starts to get misunderstood" part. there really isn't much wrong with him, even the synopsis writer agrees with me. the lousy girl just happens not to go for nick's character's (insp. zhou jiarong) type... she just happens to like the moody broody old hen (make that cock) kinda guys i guess. sheesh! how much more cheesy can it get?! every drama nick gets to act, he's some basically good but grossly misunderstood guy. i'm SO indignant for him!!!

well, more, i'm so indignant for his characters. and he keeps on having the same old dad. not that it matters alot... all i'm usually looking out for is a good view of him at different angles. today, law enforcers ended with some escaped convict pointing a gun at him. i can't wait... can't wait to see him misunderstood by his lousy shitty girlfriend character again and blah blah blah blah blah. it's crazy... it makes me feel miserable for him. well, only slightly, 'cos thank goodness i know he's earning big bucks from it all... it's just a wee bit difficult to separate his acting from reality. see...... told you he's a good actor! :)

recently heard that he's left tvb. wonder what he's doing now. 'cos if he isn't acting anymore, i won't get to be watching any more of his new shows... and i'll be stuck with seeing him in all his old roles and how he looked like many years ago. tsk. in reality he already has a great girlfriend already anyway... i'm envious, 'tho of course i'm aware he may not be as he appears etc etc. i also just found out he's 36 this year. woah... old... approaching 40. it seems my likings can span different ages... slightly older, slightly younger, far older, perhaps even far younger cutey little boy-boys... terrible.

if you haven't already realised, i'm suddenly wide-awake. *grinz*

and yep, i haven't had the... inspiration(?) to go think up a limerick yet. perhaps that accounts for why i haven't posted 'til now. hah.

welcome back! (this may apply to anything, anyone) ;Þ

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