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the end of one thing... spells the start of another...

"For many small animals, the approach of winter means the time to go to sleep until spring arrives again. It would make life a lot more comfortable if we could do the same."
-- The Roald Dahl Diary 1996, November

fantastic advice... great way to end my A's: with a snore... Zzzzzz......

other things i really wanna do/oughta be doing:
- shape up... get fit
- cut hair (again) before we fly (to reduce the static mess)
- shave, wax, depilate, electrolyse... whatever to get rid of it...
- attempt to wipe out acne (which's even closer to impossible than 4As, 2 distinctions despite my only taking 3 subs)
- play sims (aka buy some more add-ons) hee~
- read up on madrid, which sounds oh so dreadfully drab
- pick up a few other piano pieces so i seem smarter
- study up on something that's worth my while
- clear my room (which'll span eternity)
- hopefully visit miss wong (who's my piano teacher) and auntie (my nanny)

i don't like to hafta do stuff, i must wanna do it... not that these usually conflict... i just always wanna do them at another time, another pace... (yeah, pace, not place *duh*)

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