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You're a Saturn sistah: You're old-fashioned, and
you almost always opt for working hard over
getting wild (and wasting time) at an all-night
party. People entrust you with important jobs
because you're responsible and not at all
impulsive, and you always see projects through
to the end. Your pals think you're the most
trustworthy and dependable one in your crowd.
Being super-popular is far from your top
priority, so you have a small, tight crew of
buds. Though you love hangin' with your chicas,
you tend to be more of a loner. You'll date a
number of interesting specimens before you meet
your soul mate- and you won't settle for
anything less than the real deal. You like guys
who romance you before trying to get too close.
And the ones you fall hard for are college-
bound and serious about their careers, but also
wickedly funny.

What Do Your Looks Reveal About You? (7 Possible Detailed Outcomes)!
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