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cny for the not-here-not-there

don't usually do this, but since close to everybody blogs about what they did over the chinese new year, the following is the gist of my activites wrt cny for the past four days. sounds really boring but i actually had quite a bit of fun these few days. i just wish i didn't hafta worry about homework.

reunion dinner with my dad's elder brother's family near their place.

went to church and then returned home; had dinner at my 四姑's place. spent the rest of the evening positioned nicely in front of the teevee and table of tidbits watching various variety shows with my non-gambling cousins and playing crazy gesture games with my sis.

had lunch with the same bunch of relatives as the day before near my dad's elder brother's place. watched 'faen chan' ('my girl' aka '我的初恋女友') for the ten-thousandth time at his place before we all adjourned to my 大姑's place where we had dinner. when we got bored of the afternoon teevee programmes, played tennis and baseball and bowling and boxing with my cousins; as a result, i have immense arm muscleache now. had dinner and watched a bit of hana before once again the whole big bunch of us adjourning to my couzie's house only a few steps away. lazed around disturbing koi entertaining bored niece and exchanging celeb gossip with another couzie of mine. returned home.

caught a series of variety shows at home. had dinner at one of my mum's bro's place. ktved a bit, entertained bored kid couz (whom i have an extremely soft spot for, which is prolly very obvious to all), explored the playgrounds nearby, played violently on the swing, played stupid gesture games again, watched a bit of hana, played with the stat-bike and hula hoop. returned home.

what did you do over the chinese new year? and where did you go? feel free to share... of course, don't want also can keep it your own secret.

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