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start of term two

law enforcer's coming on in less than half an hour's time... so let me try and type a fast one here... it's term two lesson one for me at the goethe-institut this evening... there're currently only 11 people, and only 1 miserable guy, in my class. our seating arrangements are a little cocked up at the moment... perhaps i've gotten too used to our previous seating arrangements... plus i sorta miss having that philipp/phillip/philippe frenchie guy at my left. not that i think he's cute, or like him, or anything... weird, liza finds him cute... haha. but "to each his/her own", i've recently been told... *loud guffaw* yeah i can be a bitch man... but no offence intended, seriously. *grin*

i'm now seating facing the whiteboard... which is probably good for the muggers; but i'm not one, so too bad, i don't really like it. maybe 'cos to my left is empty space... not very secure... sherlyn's still at my right... i think that's a good place, 'cos i'm lefthanded and she's righthanded and we don't block each other while writing. but i may have to change places next week 'cos liza would like me to sit beside her, yet she's righthanded and it's pretty difficult to remain beside sherlyn, and beside liza, at teh same time. ok... this sounds so juvenile... is the adult world really full of such dumb politics? hope not. nevertheless, it feels sorta good to be apparently so (not really) "sought-after" lah. hiak hiak. (i'm suddenly laughing like reggie mantle)

i didn't spend a cent out today... next to ezlink money of course, which i wish could be saved too... hm. actually i felt very much like getting an ice-cream on the way to the bus stop, but i didn't have shillings... which was good, 'cos i feel glad i didn't succumb, which means i have more to spend on better stuff now that the temptation's gone. yay! a2 feels like it's gonna be way more difficult than a1... but then, who expected it to be easy? but studying out with liza isn't too bad... first she ci4 ji1-s me to study and forces me to get back in touch with german, and next it's an ego-boosting experience to be able to help her with her stuff... especially after long jc years of referring people's questions to others... :)

well, it's 10.24 now... nick's coming on in a short short while, so i'd better get going now. there seems to be more stuff i wanted to say, but i shall leave that for another time. by the way my dad just wasted some of my time on locating his pan meichen old cd in my gran's room... don't understand why he couldn't have made yati look for it. she was watching her malay drama serial in the hall... tsk. tsk not because she's watching tv; tsk because my dad had to trouble me 'cos he didn't wanna trouble her! ok i'm mean and bad and evil and all other horrible adjectives you can think up of ok? off to watch nick! double yay!

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