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A strong wind was blowing, forcing the little reed to bend with it. Its neighbour, the oak tree, stood straight and firm.

"You are such a weakling; you bow to every gust of wind. Look at me! I bow to no one," boasted the oak as he laughed at the feeble reed.

The reed felt ashamed of his own weakness as he continued to bow to the wind.

Soon, there was a terrible storm accompanied by a violent gale. The oak stood firm while the reed readily humbled itself to it. The gale became so strong that it uprooted the oak.

Seeing what happened, the reed shouted to the oak, "It is wiser to bend with the wind than to fight against it."

The oak lay in the mud, never to stand up again.

you should probably be no stranger to the story of the oak and the reed. just outta curiosity, what are your thoughts about it? would you teach this to your (existent/non-existent/not-yet-existent) child(ren)? why and/or why not? do you have an alternative ending you would like to add to the story?

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