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quarter past

it's my mum's birthday tomorrow, and two days in a row, my dad's come home from work in a bad mood... how absolutely nice and loving......

my mum'd like us to go out and have crab for dinner, but my sister's not home, and my dad doesn't wanna go... if this were my birthday, and my dad were my husband... i don't wanna imagine what i'd do... tsk.

and it's mothers' day this sunday!

quarter past twelve midnight

this is the time *you* can catch me after the nick cheung show, mondays to fridays... the serial's ending soon, thankfully. the plot's getting too too heavy for me; what with him being so pitiful. *cringe*

i've managed to get the chinese translations for the chorus of one of nick's nice nice cantonese songs... i'm so impressed with the number of people i've suddenly found who can actually understand some cantonese!

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