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09 May 2003 @ 09:06 pm
quarter past  
it's my mum's birthday tomorrow, and two days in a row, my dad's come home from work in a bad mood... how absolutely nice and loving......

my mum'd like us to go out and have crab for dinner, but my sister's not home, and my dad doesn't wanna go... if this were my birthday, and my dad were my husband... i don't wanna imagine what i'd do... tsk.

and it's mothers' day this sunday!

quarter past twelve midnight

this is the time *you* can catch me after the nick cheung show, mondays to fridays... the serial's ending soon, thankfully. the plot's getting too too heavy for me; what with him being so pitiful. *cringe*

i've managed to get the chinese translations for the chorus of one of nick's nice nice cantonese songs... i'm so impressed with the number of people i've suddenly found who can actually understand some cantonese!
Mood: obsessed
(Anonymous) on May 10th, 2003 01:24 am (UTC)

Popping by before I go give my tuition. thought to mail to inform of the outing on mon with hs...hmm...kind of ma fan. didnt manage to write it though, shall try again when i return from my tuition.
well, now u realised, im actually quite talented in languages too? hehehe...anyway, im not looking forward to the australia trip, cos i would be thrown into a situation that i would really hate, along with the rest of the family..sian.

saw lippy today with the rest of the badminton team. think there's some kind of tournament there now, cos i saw alot of badminton ppl from diff schools. actually i saw only his back, cos i -siam- the minute i caught alexis from vjc (also from dhs badminton)...well, dont know if u know him. lippy and his gang may have seen me with my parents---didnt dare turn their direction to confirm if they notice me. i also remember making a face when i saw them...a frightened look, kind of embarassing if they saw me doing tat face. dunno why im behaving in such weird manner when he's not my object of interest, must have been affected by you.

hey, actually i felt that it's forgivable, since i always consider ur dad to be a great guy, except for the occassinal slips here and there. now tat he changed his mind, my impression of ur dad has even more greatful improved. hehehe...

about the show, i caught it last nite. we went for supper after the show ended. at least nick finished off looking confident and happy. feel glad for him and for you. hated the girl too and the show for making guo jing an out to be such a lousy, wimpy guy. looking forward to the new show at 8 on vv 55 in which he acted as a bo-chap guy. should be much better than this law enforcer. hope u'll watch too if u feel like it.

hey, sorry for turning this out to be like an email. write longer and longer...im kind of late, cos i've not changed and supposed to go photostep some stuff too. sian...my students are super kiasu. k lar, guess i really have to stop. dont mind tat i post so much tat are not related to wat u wrote. -dont mind, hor?- had no time to check the exp and tenses, so just try not to look at them lar k?

a little less than the girl next doorin_transit on May 10th, 2003 09:48 pm (UTC)
ok ok, thanks for posting an entry in my journal... haha, kidding kidding. yeah so what's up about that "outing" this monday? you haven't updaetd me on lippy as of yet... sigh. :>

yeah i felt at least a little comforted that nick ended up appearing cheerful too. oh well, seldom do hk shows have terrible endings lah, especially for such low-budget serials.

yeah, get back to you soon!