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i am currently trapped in my own room because the door slammed shut while i was sleeping and the faulty knob jammed. the thing is, my laptop isn't even in my room today 'cos i took it out of the room last night, so i can't even play the sims to pass the time. (i am currently on my sister's laptop.) and by the way, my games crashed after i installed seasons (the latest expansion pack), so i had to manually delete everything and start all over again. again. if i want a better game experience, i should get a new desktop pc. but of course, this isn't gonna come true any time soon, so forget it.

okay, since i'm like stuck here and there's hardly much else to be done in the room, might as well talk about my plans for my new sims neighbourhood. actually, i have really big plans for it, but given the rate i build, plus other real-life things i have to do, i don't exactly believe they will eventually come to pass. but still, no harm trying.

this neighbourhood, let's call it littelton, is set in the country. i wanna start by building nice little country homes and maybe even a farmhouse or two first. the main attraction of the little town shall be this fishing park called pioneer's eden, along the railway tracks. and if i'm feeling courageous and inspired enough, perhaps a victorian house as well... if i do build that, it shall be called manderley (read daphne du maurier's rebecca), and it shall have a tiny cottage next to it with a stream, and it shall be called kerrith cottage. so cute!

basically, i plan to have manderley and pioneer's eden as the "tourist attractions" which serve to lure many city folk in to visit during the weekends. and then i will track the changes as the city folk decide to relocate here and the subsequent "modernisation" of the town. the quaint little countryhouses will give way to high-rise buildings, apartments, wrought iron fencing and all. fresh produce from our daily bread (name of the neighbourhood's only grocery) will bow out to the genetically modified and supposedly superior greens from supermarket chains... in fact, the grocery store will probably be converted into a restaurant.

a lot of other big and possibly unfulfillable (unless i work at it 24/7) plans. but since the door knob has been knocked out and the door is now open, i shall stop here.

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