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White Ajah
-- White Ajah --

What's your Ajah?
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that's assuming i'm aes sedai... true to an extent, but feelings are an excuse i make use of in arguments too... hmmm......

"but that's just how i feel what, you can't fault me for feeling that way, feelings are always valid."

sound vaguely familiar? that's me when i'm losing an argument... then i pull emotions in... maybe that's why i'm an F for feeling in the meyers-briggs'.

do you find me logical? at all? i'm guessing i'll get an influx of comments begging to differ... heehee.

but then, most of my friends won't know what the heck i'm talking about anyway (as in about aes sedai, the different colours of the ajahs etc.).

you know the "factions" of orientation groups in vj? think they should use "ajahs" one year...

my year, they were called "chakras"... i was in the one with the black bandana(sp?)... ionus? can't remember its name... it was then split into smaller groups, and i was in orion. mm hm.

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