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do/ don't you find it interesting/ funny/ weird/ strange/ uncomfortable/ disturbing/ invasive that some companies request blog addresses of prospective employees at interviews? this entry, naturally, goes friends-only very soon.

next time thii nii aat ca khian thay dii kwaa, phrc thay fonetik may pen universal, may mii online translator--mii kc translate may day, heehee. feiwo, thung ca chan may day pay msn phuut kap khun maa naan laew, tae chan yang may luum khun leey. khun ca pay muang thay kap monrudii (and aacaan?) muaray kha? pay ladprao ree? chan kc mii phuan khon nung thii tham ngaan thii ladprao, so exciting! chan ca khit thung khun maak nae nae! chan pay song khun thii sanaambin day may kha? tell me okay! rak maak too!

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