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from thefridayfive:

1. You're holding a dinner party and can invite three famous people from the past or present. Who would they be?
ada, doo-ri, ella, in alphabetical order. might switch ada for masi oka 'though. i'da picked sandra oh were i more confident of my hosting abilities. got a thing for azns. i can be like so polar, tsktsk. hehe.

2. You have the opportunity to question someone about something you've always wanted to know and receive a truthful answer. What would your question be?
nothing. anything i really wanted to know, i know they wouldn't be able to answer themselves; and anything they'd be able to, i don't really wanna/care to know. ignorance can be bliss.

3. If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?
i'd be totally loaded. it'd solve plentya problems. truly. money might not make the world go round, but it sure makes this world a hell lot easier a place to live in.

4. If you could save other people's lives by completing an act that would lead to your own death, would you do it?
yes. but only very specific people. family. and basically people whom i know/knew would die/have died for me too. reciprocity, as always, my principle in life.

5. Would you commit murder if you knew you could get away with it?

from fridayfiver:

1. What year were you born?

2. Who do you like to hug?
whoever might like hugging me too--reciprocity, remember? okay lah, generally people with good physique, i guess. *yum* *thinks d.l.*

3. Do you run away from or face your problems?
i don't particularly go identify 'em for what they are so i don't always realise. i guess i usually just grin and bear it and let 'em ride over me and hope they're done.

4. How much cash do you have on you?
thirty-two bucks.

5. Friday fill-in:
I know exactly how to ____.

make zhenhao feel nauseous. (sorry, there's not exactly a lot that i know exactly how to do, hehe.)

from the rainbow series (red) of mondaysabitch:

1. What makes you blush?
SIGH. anything remotely funny, remotely embarrassing, any slight shock/surprise, any awkward moment, any feeling of inadequacy, any random thought. basically, anything. remember this teenage girl of a patient alex once had (season two, i think) with that horrible uncontrollable blushing problem? i feel like her.

2. What was your worst sunburn?
in sec one (or two?), in my our cca, we had this really ridiculous thing called the leisure camp. we were made to sit for hours in the school field under the cruel afternoon sun observing our group members make it painfully one by one across a series of rope-plus-wood obstacles. when we were allowed home three days later, i could peel large pieces of charred skin off my forehead, no kidding.

but one of the most memorable things from those camps must have been this utterly fantastic photo of one of our then-seniors attempting the parallel ropes in between the monkey bar, taken by my then-favourite person--if there's anything i still totally love about him, it definitely has to be this. man, i wish somebody would just go dig out that photo and just scan it in so we can all just laugh at it. i know it's so damn evil, but... WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! brilliant photography!

3. If you had to wear a vial of someone else's blood around your neck, whose would you choose?
seems kinda sick... umm, tristan? james? *hopeful* somehow a vampy's blood makes it all seem a little less sick.

4. What's your favourite Red Hot Chili Peppers song?
i don't listen to them.

5. Where (other than home, 'cause that's not inventive) would your ruby slippers take you?
somewhere in the states, probably. or, can it bring me into some other world, say, some alternate reality? (haha, make a guess where, i've got a few, actually.)

from the rainbow series (orange) of mondaysabitch:

1. Do you like pulp in your orange juice?
yes. makes me feel powerful. haha! pulp! geddit?

2. Do you ever visit the tanning salon?
nope. this question reminds me of my dear friend eks, who for the record does not visit the tanning salon. assuming you believe. actually i do (believe, that is).

3. Orange you glad I didn't say ___________?
another stupid knock-knock joke!

4. Did you watch "The O.C."? If so, who was your favourite character?
nope. but cris and burke are my fave characters from grey's, and micah and d.l. (or nathan petrelli) from heroes. what else is worth mentioning? wentworth miller is really drool-worthy in prisonbreak. and if i had to choose, i think henry'd be my fave character from healing hands 3. and kenneth chan's my fave in every 我和殭屍 series.

5. Do you like your grilled cheese made with Kraft singles (or a similar processed cheese) or real cheese?
real cheese. i've got enough of kraft singles from at home. thank you.

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