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i'm busy... i'm bored... i'm a bloody slacker......

ok, let's go thru what's happened this past week:

monday, han shuo stood us up on some supposed "farewell" gathering for her. she's leaving for texas tomorrow morning. i can't say i wasn't irritated... after all, i did hafta make certain changes to original plans... :< as it turned out, amy, rina, senny and i just shopped around before my german classes, and i had dinner with rina and senny after that. they caught a movie in between... supposedly, it sucked. :>

tuesday, zhenqi and i ran our rounds. that was after we got zhenqi her ankle guard at tampines mall... which was after xinlian told us she was gonna be quite late... which was due to some last minute shit at work. poor her. *tee hee* anyway, i think running too much will really kill zhenqi's ankles... we ought to tie her up to prevent her over-enthusiasm from killing her one of these days... i don't really want her to die on me. and xinlian was *afraid* i'd be pissed with her 'cos she didn't do her rounds! (either that, or because she came late) wahahaha... i never knew i had the capability to sound *fierce* leh... she said i did, thru the phone. hiakz!

wednesday, i can't remember what i did. which means, i probably slept 'til 4pm, and goodness knows what i did after i woke. oh... i think i added chuanzhong (german classmate) onto my icq list. and chatted with him into the wee hours of the night (or early hours of the morn). over nothing much at all. or maybe that was tuesday... technically wednesday morning lah. a revelation i made was that his birthday's 3/3/82... yet another one. tsk.

thursday, everyone slept in. well, i guess my parents went marketing early in the morning... can't tell for sure, still deep in tel'aran'rhiod. *grinz* my sister made yati dig about in the storeroom for her handsewn teddy, splitsville. the name came about from his looking like he's doing splits... due to my hu li hu tu sister's sewing one leg to his butt instead of his front. *shakes head* and i found my handsome handsome teddy bruno brunswick! he's slightly (alot) unsymmetrical, but that's what makes him cool! and he's always looking so pleasant and gentlemanly and comforting... mingfeng jiejie, some long-ago babysitter's daughter, gave him to me when i was two. for that, i love her, 'tho i can hardly remember her at all. :)
mr. brunswick, unsymmetrical bear mr. really really nice guy

friday, i went pizza-hutting, and then gelare-ing at siglap with yingni. went home with a very full tummy, met my parents at the foot of our block, on their way out for dinner. the offer was just too tempting... i tagged along, complete with my very full tummy. ended up having teriyaki chicken pasta at swensen's, where my mum accidentally spilled iced water onto my dad's pants, and my dad kupped my mum's $6 change as punishment. adults... tsk! dunno what else we did after that lah, but this entry's getting too long, so just lemme get on...

saturday was another one of those sleepy days i can't remember much of, so let's skip on to sunday. today, went church early in the morning, after which, my dad, mum and i went tampines so my dad could go back to his office to get some stuff printed out. had that mango+honey jelly+coconut thing at the basement of tm again... thanks to rina for introducing us all to it. my mum had to go get the her world magazine 'cos it was giving so many freebies, and freebies make her happy. then we went to that big nike opposite the stadium so i could take a look at some nice running shoes... yay yay.. but then, no nicie prestos or whatsoever there leh... disappointed. then we came home, and i planted myself in front of the comp, and am trying to end off this super long entry i've started here.

dinner has made my stomach feel warm and... filled(?) again... *contented sigh*

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