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there is nothing in the world that pisses me off more than having people barge through my locked toilet door when i am in the toilet. and then still having the cheek to call me rude and unreasonable for flying into a mad fit of rage after that. number one: can you please go and develop the presence of mind and observation skills enough to realise that when (a) no one has exited the room in the last two minutes and (b) suddenly one person is missing from the room and (c) the computer is still switched on but not being used and (d) the toilet lights are on, it means that there is a 99.99% chance that someone is in the toilet? number two: if on first attempt, the toilet door does not yield when you try to open it, there is at least an 80% chance that the toilet door is LOCKED. which can only mean that the toilet is currently being occupied, unless of course some freaking mad psycho has locked it from the inside and somehow miraculously managed to exit the toilet by some other means. even so, can you at least have the courtesy to knock to test or call out to ask? don't have to so violently push your way through the locked door into the already occupied toilet. and number three: this is bloody fucking not the first time that this has bloody fucking happened. not the second, not even the third. can you bloody fucking blame me for being so bloody fucking angry?

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