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i don't know why either

my current mood's somewhere between gloomy and relaxed.
my current song's chances are -- martina mcbride, bob seger.

depressive mode set in at the start of german class. well, maybe not really. it began, i think, last night. duan4 duan xu4 xu4, whenever i recalled the test i had to take this evening. and that i had 0% confidence. 'cos i hadn't touched my books yet.

well, i guess, that's probably not the whole big problem. after all, my german's not all that bad. 3 possible reasons: 1) fu4 zuo4 yong4 of acne pills finally taking effect, 2) pms... dms, rather (for during... tsk), 3) the bloody weather.

the test was passable, of course. only, i find myself getting more and more unsure. this is really important to me... as the course was, for the first time, my choice... and perhaps the remaining shred of my self-esteem is hanging on it.

the relief teacher today seemed to be rushing through the lesson. i was feeling mean and moody. and i think she hates me. 'cos i was quiet and unresponsive. and looked like i'm constantly doing my own stuff. and she said i was speaking too softly. which i don't deny.

after that, for the lack of liza, i walked down orchard road in the comforting company of my own thoughts. not that my usual companions are too noisy, perhaps i am just that anti-social. my soothing discman, the reassuring bubble tea. i so need me time.

that's all folks.

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