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a fine mood turned sour... thank lj for THAT!

finished crown of swords today. miscalculated by 11 days. but then, procrastination has always been my forte; and ill-discipline, my stumbling block. i give myself up to mid-june for path of daggers. the speed with which i take to complete that depends on the amount of distraction i'll be subject to. now, i'm patiently awaiting ken to present me with my long-belated winter's heart. i just hope i get my hands on it before i finish book 8. :)

gabriel's coming back pretty soon. shall be fun, i hope. i've decided to brave myself and attend evening service with him, if he ever asks again. while talking on the phone with vanessa last night, i was fiddling with the cds in the glass cupboard when... i found his cd! aha... i almost, very almost, blamed shuqi (in my mind only) for my losing it; i'd thought i'd lent it to her, and that she'd forgotten to return it... hehe. don't kill me now.

playing the cd again brings me back to those year2 days. ponning school, sitting in the marine parade starbucks, at the big table inside, daydreaming through those frustrating math, sickening chem notes. working my way through the mouldy cheesecake, feeling miserable to the stomach for skipping school to study, just feeling infinitely depressed...... amazing what the a's can do to one huh. i still gotta comfort myself, everything's over now, i'm fine, i'm fine.

my agenda for tomorrow:
12pm -- meet rina at city hall to scout for shuqi's prezzie (which is really a compilation of ah xing's info in a big ring file... haha)
2+pm -- rina and i meet senny somewhere
6.30pm -- meet xinlian and zhenqi at tampines for matrix reloaded, the movie i know nuts about; going only because i'm unable to resist zhenqi's wiles and charms... can you believe it? she's so cute, she tugged at my sleeve and said "go lah, go lah, 'cos i can't go crawling back to my classmates now..." guffaw!!!

anyway, i'm currently quite quite pissed with livejournal. i was clicking around on my semagic client when out of the blue, i realised that some of my long-time-ago entries were suddenly ALL replaced with only their titles! what the hell!! it's after all a memory... i'll feel very incomplete and uncomfortable and upset if by tomorrow morning, i don't see my entries back in place. some stuff didn't take just a few seconds to compose and come up with. hmph.

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