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more than enough in a week

hmmm... where'd my week go? the last time i updated was on monday night, after german... and then, the rest of the days flew by, and it's the end of the week again. tomorrow is dreaded saturday. i don't like weekends much. so lemme update on what's past.

tuesday, rina, senny and i met up to get shuqi's present. after lunch at sakae suntec, as we were walking down that stretch between watsons' and some chocolate shop (where i'm constantly bumping into... people...), we met... stephen and ziquan... oh my, i didn't think my heart could take bumping into two big shuai ges at a time, but it did... (hum: we are singapore) in fact, we "bumped" into them a total of three times, where rina promptly decided that ziquan's better, senny preferred stephen of the two, and i wondered... how come i was never smitten with stephen in secondary school? well, perhaps i should be thanking my lucky stars for that; i couldn't take getting into more trouble. but hey, i said hi to him... well, i had to somewhat get his attention for that... and... he has a really really winning smile. whew... i pity whoever whose crushes on him aren't reciprocated... there's bound to be many around. *evil grin*

we got shuqi a pair of sunglasses, a topshop top, and, under senny's perverse influence, a g-stringy-like-thing. after each of the two shirked from responsibility (haha), i was made to lug the stuff home, where i was constantly worried i'd crush the shades with my chor-lor ways. i arrived on time at tampines to meet xinlian, and then zhenqi, to catch the matrix reloaded... woo-hoo! not that i was extremely enthusiastic about the flick... but it really wasn't too bad, considering i conveniently ignored all injection of philosophical stuff, plus i didn't even watch the first one... and neo looked pretty cool, very cool, rather.

wednesday was shuqi's birthday (which is, coincidentally, also gabriel's) -- the day she hoped to become a millionaire before; considering her fine mood, she must have succeeded. now, go bug her! ;p we had dinner at some korean/jappy place, where i met melissa, long-lost sec sch classmate, and after that, we walked around, and after senny left and then weiying arrived, we caught bruce almighty. and that makes 2 movies in two days. then we proceeded to walk from bishan to toa payoh in the middle of the night, crossing some construction sites, trudging along some expressway, taxis constantly honking and stopping for us, indians shouting at each other etc. etc. our type of fun. haha.

and the next morning, nobody woke on time to go jogging, to my utmost relief. (which was why i was first to knock the alarms silent) we went downstairs to fetch shuqi's cutesy little nephew, who's hyperactive, super talkative and whatnot... very very cute... i also want! and we had mee hoon kueh, courtesy of shuqi's mum, then we had to leave so shuqi could get to work, and rina and i could go home, my home. :> then senny came over too and terrorised sukiang via icq on my computer while rina and i went to shower (in separate bathrooms, by the way). we split shortly after so senny could go home, rina could go to church, and i for german. long day......

german, surprisingly, went much much better than expected... i don't really know why either, must be something psychological. i finally reaped some benefits from last year's trip to spain, by knowing salvador dali's from there, and the approximate year he produced a certain painting... smart right? haha! we had to do the dry and confusing prateritum, past and perfect grammar-ish stuff again, and then homework consisted of an essay on our last vacation. hm. and i met up with h is for hamburger at the bus stop so we could take 65 home with me... and because the day had been too physically demanding for him, he fell asleep on the bus in the midst of boring chemistry on tvmobile. and crumpled his working clothes beyond belief... or do pinstripes just look weird wrinkled? no idea.

i woke at 2.57pm today, just in time to agree to a buddy meal dinner with yingni this evening. which means i must go shower now. tschuss.

*edit* ps: i found out cha doo ri's playing for a german club (!!) and i bought a nick cheung vcd on wednesday, but have yet to watch. yay!!!

*edit2* pps: http://briefcase.yahoo.com/magicfungus go view the last 14 pics in buncha classmates for the latest few.

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